Monthly Archives: December 2008

Gary Seven Returns

Well, to be accurate, he’s been back for several months in a comic book mini-series from IDW called Star Trek: Assignment Earth. But now you can get the entire five-issue series in a trade paperback at comic stores and places like It’s written and drawn by John Byrne, one of my favorite comic artists (although […]

More Clues Re: the Final Cylon [SPOILERS]

They finally have a clue that makes sense to me at “You Will Know The Truth” over at, the place where you’re supposed to be able to figure out who the final Cylon is if you pay enough attention. Gaeta states that he hopes people will finally figure out who he is. It’s reminiscent […]


Another book in which one of my short stories appears is now available on Because it’s an anthology, they only list one of the other authors, so you can’t find it by searching for my name. Here’s the link: Keys: Unlocking the Universe. Please go and buy it so I can be a rich and […]

Gaeta Stars in New Webisodes

    My pick for the final Cylon, Lt. Felix Gaeta, is now the star of a ten-part series of webisodes on entitled Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy. One of the reasons that has been given around the ‘Net for Gaeta not to be the right choice is that he hasn’t been a […]

Peter David is a Cool Guy

  I meant to post this months ago, but somehow it slipped through the cracks… You sometimes hear horror stories about people meeting one of their favorite actors, musicians, or athletes and being treated badly or indifferently by them, which often ruins someone’s perception of that person. Usually you can’t really blame the celebrity. After all, […]

Another Update on Gaeta as the Final Cylon [SPOILERS]

 ScyFyPortal claims that it has inside info on the identity of the last of the Twelve Cylons, but rather than just give up the name, they’ve narrowed it down to five. Guess who’s on the list? That’s right, Felix Gaeta. He’s still my top choice, with the other four on their list being Laura Roslin, Ellen Tigh, Cally […]