What? You haven’t read Capes & Clockwork 2 yet?



Well, I guess I can’t really blame you, since I somehow forget to mention it. There was a delay in publishing, and it came out around the same time as a couple of other anthologies I was in, and it just occurred to me that I never posted about this one. Capes & Clockwork: Superheroes in the Age of Steam is an anthology series with stories that are a mashup of superheroes and steampunk. Volume 2 has a sequel to my story from the first volume about government super-soldier Agent Eagle, entitled “The Yellow Bird Mission.” Like many steampunk stories, it takes place in an alternate history, different from our world due to altered technology. In this case, the story built on the premise that George Armstrong Custer won the Battle of the Little Bighorn and was elected president.

You can check out Capes & Clockwork 2 HERE and Volume 1 HERE.

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