About Me

cvalin_edited1   I know what you’re thinking: “All the information I get every time I do a Google search for ‘Christopher Valin’ can’t possibly be about the same guy.” And you’re right. Let me start with who I’m not: I’m not the Geology guy from Vermont. I’m most certainly not the guy in Iowa who had some DUI cases go all the way to the state supreme court. I’m not even the California teacher who is a socialist (although I have been accused of being one in the past).

I am, however, a California teacher (the other guy’s middle initial is “C” and mine is “J”), so you may come up with my school’s website. I teach high school social science: history, government/civics, economics, geography, and criminal justice. I am a writer, so you may come across references to my Cowrite win, my L.A. Times “Birds of Paradise” chapter, My FanLib page, or the online articles about me winning Week 3 of their Kirk vs. Picard screenplay contest. I’ve also done well in some other screenwriting contests, especially with a script I wrote called Secret Disciple, so there’s a lot out there about that. In addition, I’m a genealogy enthusiast and historian (I have a master’s degree in military history), so you may find my family tree, or information about a famous ancestor of mine named Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Douglas, especially the book that I wrote called Fortune’s Favorite: Sir Charles Douglas and the Breaking of the Line. I’ve worked as a professional comic book inker, so you may get some hits along those lines, too. You may even stumble across some old band websites from when I played electric bass guitar in rock and blues bands such as Rikki Dee Hall and the Voodoo Hawks. But mostly you’d probably see lots and lots of reviews of sci-fi TV shows and movies that I’ve written for pop culture web sites such as Television Woodshed, Pop Syndicate, Mediasharx, and ZENtertainment. Most recently, I appear in the documentary The People vs. George Lucas.

Is that who I am though? Nah, that’s what I do. Who I am is a father, husband, and son with too many interests and too little time on my hands.

And one thing I never, ever can be is bored.