Batman is Better than Superman

Batman beating the tar out of Supes

It’s one of those age-old questions. Who is better, Batman or Superman? Well, I’m going to answer the question for you, with the following list:

Top Ten Reasons Why Batman Kicks Superman’s Ass:

10.  The Batcave.

9.  Superman’s secret identity is a clumsy, nerdy reporter with glasses. Batman’s: billionaire playboy.

8.  The Batplane.

7. Batman wears a cool black and gray costume. Superman looks like someone vomited rainbow all over him.

6.  Superman is an alien. You know… like E.T.

5. Batman doesn’t need any powers to beat up bad guys.

4. The Batmobile.

3. Batman’s purple and green arch-villain: Joker. Superman’s purple and green arch-villain: Mr. Mxyzptlk.

2. Frank Miller says so.

1. To Batman, Kryptonite is a paperweight.