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Sidekick Audiobook Now Available!

That’s right…I know you’ve been waiting patiently, and now it’s here! Yes, the audiobook of Sidekick: The Red Raptor Files – Part 1 is available at,, and the iTunes store. Michael T. Hafen did a fantastic job of narrating it. You can check it out HERE.

Sidekick Big Sale!

If you’re familiar with the great site/emailer called Free Kindle Books and Tips, you may have seen that my latest book, Sidekick: The Red Raptor Files – Part 1 is on sale for only 99 cents this week. WHAT? You can get the eBook of Sidekick for only 99 cents? And just look what people […]

Sidekick is here!

IT’S HERE! The first book in the Red Raptor Files trilogy: SIDEKICK. How can you not LOVE that amazing cover by the incredible Jonboy Meyers? THE CITY’S GREATEST HERO HAS DISAPPEARED and it’s up to his teenage sidekick to find him. But Red Raptor isn’t prepared for the challenges he must face when he has […]

Review: The Way Into Chaos by Harry Connolly

I was disappointed when Harry Connolly’s Twenty Palaces series was discontinued, and I was shocked to find out that he couldn’t find a publisher for his new epic fantasy trilogy, The Great Way. He’s such an engaging writer and receives such glowing reviews, it was hard to believe they weren’t all competing for it. So […]

REVIEW: Circle of Enemies by Harry Connolly

If Circle of Enemies were made into a film and marketed by the wrong people, the tagline would definitely read: “This time it’s personal.” Still, in a nutshell, that’s what makes the third Twenty Palaces novel stand out from the other two. Rather than protagonist Ray Lilly running around meeting new people in a new […]

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Yeah, I know I’m way late to the party, but now I’m all in. After hearing repeatedly how I need to check out Game of Thrones (the book and the show), I added it to my “to do” list for the future. But my friend decided to send me the set of the first four […]

Review of Game of Cages by Harry Connolly

With Game of Cages, the sequel to the debut Twenty Palaces novel Child of Fire, Harry Connolly has not only avoided the sophomore slump, but exceeded even my high expectations for this story. The book, which continues the adventures of Ray Lilly, a “wooden man” working for a mysterious organization of sorcerers, is even better than its “Publisher’s Weekly Best Books of 2009″ […]