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Sidekick Audiobook Now Available!

That’s right…I know you’ve been waiting patiently, and now it’s here! Yes, the audiobook of Sidekick: The Red Raptor Files – Part 1 is available at,, and the iTunes store. Michael T. Hafen did a fantastic job of narrating it. You can check it out HERE.

Austin Teleplay Semi-Finalists Were Announced Today…[UPDATED]

…and, unfortunately, The Nemesis didn’t make the cut. It did make the second round, however, which makes me think it still has promise but needs a rewrite. The list is here. [UPDATE:] Okay, so other people are really happy about making the second round, which is the top ten percent of screenplays submitted. And I […]

I was Googling The People vs George Lucas…

…to see if it was still playing in Los Angeles, and this popped up: Apparently a still of my scene in the film is all over the Internet, which is weird because is only lasts a few seconds. Even cooler, when I went to Images, the same pic of me was directly under that of […]


Another book in which one of my short stories appears is now available on Because it’s an anthology, they only list one of the other authors, so you can’t find it by searching for my name. Here’s the link: Keys: Unlocking the Universe. Please go and buy it so I can be a rich and […]