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Red Raptor: Evolution of a Character

I assume that when most authors write a book, they have a picture of what their characters look like in their heads. It’s possible that the character may appear on the cover, and if that’s the case, I’m sure they work with the cover artist/designer (at least to some extent) so that the character matches […]

Yes, I’m the Secret Disciple Guy, or: How I Thought I Had “Made It” in Hollywood

“You’re the Secret Disciple guy?” My friend said as he nearly screeched to a halt in the middle of the 405 South while traffic was actually moving (and, if you’re not from Los Angeles, let me tell you, that would be a big mistake). We were carpooling home from a TV writing group in Encino […]

Guest Blog: King Queen and his Three Seasons: ARROW and the Challenges of Ongoing Narrative by Harry Connolly

Today I have the great pleasure of presenting a guest post by one of my favorite authors, Harry Connolly. Harry is the author of The Twenty Palaces series from Del Rey Books, and is currently on a blog tour to promote his new, self-published trilogy called “The Great Way”: The Way into Chaos, The Way […]

Capes & Clockwork

So I’ve been busy posting reviews of shows like Archer, Sleepy Hollow, and Agents of SHIELD over at Popsyndicate, and I neglected to mention that there’s a new anthology out with a story I wrote in it. It’s called Capes & Clockwork and it’s full of stories about steampunk superheroes. My story is called “Blastbucket,” […]

The Downs and Ups of Writing Contests

So I’ve been a little down on my writing the past week or so, since finding out that my TV pilot script, The Nemesis, didn’t make the semi-finals of the contest, after it won the Golden Age of TV contest and placed in the top 10 percent at Austin. But I just found out that […]