Writing Contests

This page is really just for me to keep track of when I win or place in a writing contest, but I figure if you want to look at the list also, who am I to stop you? So I made the list public, even though nobody will probably ever look at it.


-Golden Age of Television Pilot Competition (2010)

-Cowrite Script, Week 9 (2009)

-Scriptwriters Network, Producers Outreach Program (2000)

-Fanlib.com, Kirk v. Picard screenwriting contest, Week 3 (2007)

L.A. Times “Birds of Paradise” collaborative novel, Chapter 14 (2008)

-TVWriter.com’s “Not a Contest” TV script competition (2001)

-Second Place, TVWriter.com’s “Spec Scriptacular” contest (2011)


-TV Writer.com People’s Pilot Competition (2010)

-Cowrite Script, Week 7 (2009)

-Scriptapalooza TV (2000)

-Fanlib.com, Speed Racer story contest (2008)

-Comic-Con International Film Festival (2005)


– Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition (2016)

– TVWriter.com Spec Scriptacular (2011, 2012)

– Chesterfield Screenwriting Fellowship (2000)

-Fade In Awards (2009)

-Storypros Screenwriting Contest (2010)

-Scriptapalooza TV

-Cherubfilm’s Free Screenplay Contest (2010)


-Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting (1999)

-Scriptapalooza (2000)

-Scriptapalooza TV (2002, 20011)

-Screencraft Pilot Launch Contest (2015)

– Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship (2016)

-Creative Screenwriting Expo Cyberspace Open (2009)

Top Ten Percent (Second Round):

– Austin Film Festival, TV Pilot Script Competition (2011)

– Austin Film Festival, Screenwriting Competition (2002)